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About Frog Creator Production

Frog Creator Production is a recruiting agency specializing in the fields of Information Technology, Interactive entertainment & Film industry in North America and Asia. Focusing on these specializations enable us to understand the challenges of finding the right talent at the right time and cost is increasingly challenging in this fast moving and diverse industry.

And we believe that the key to ensure mutual success for our clients and for our candidates is have experience, knowledge, and network in your industry.
Our consultants who, have actual work experience in these industry at international level, can provide ideal candidates for your needs both for management and specialist roles by fully leveraging our expertise and accurate market information.

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About Frog’s Talent Pool

Our screening process ensures the following standards are consistently high at theses four important qualities:

Highly Motivated Young Professionals

Effective Communication Skills

International Career Experience

1. Highly motivated young professionals

Our talents aim high to build their careers in the global workplace.
Because most people who are interested in working overseas as specialists utilize working holiday visa*, the average age of our talent pool is in their 20s.


Type of Job


* Working Holiday System: When two countries or regions agree to allow young people from the other country or region to enter for vacation purposes and coincidentally work to earn money for travel and living during stay. The objective is for each country or region to offer opportunities to enhance mutual understanding of culture or general lifestyle in the other country or region. In most participating countries, application age limit is set at 31 or under.

2. Effective Communication Skills

We encourage most of our registered talents to participate in locally organized MeetUps (Learning Circles) including the ones Frog hosts. Many talents get together and practice presentations or opinion exchange with designers, engineers or artists in town. People join these meetings with a clear objective to brush up on their communication skills and sharpen viewpoints in their respective industry or expertise.

3. International Career Experience

Most of Frog users have actual work experience in their specialized industry. We encourage them to use CO-OP program** provided by the local vocational schools to deepen their understanding of local markets and trends. This program helps our talents to overcome the potential language barrier and develop the latest skills needed in the industry, such as trending programming languages, software, applications etc., and prepare to jump-start their business contributions.

** CO-OP Program: It’s a program organized by the vocational schools. Students can graduate only if they complete internship in a local company after finishing their studies. The general requirement is for the length of the work experience to be the same as the study period. For example, the length of internship required to graduate from a 1-year vocational school will be mostly 1 year.

Our Process

1. Assessment of Needs

To meet our clients needs and reach the ideal candidates, we need good understanding of the position requirements and of the hiring process.

2. Sourcing & Qualifying

Once we have an in-depth understanding of the position, we will screen the right candidates by determine suitability, proven related experience, and career path.

3. Presenting

We will provide the carefully selected candidates’ resumes and portfolio. with your go ahead, a meeting will be arranged between you and the candidate.

What People Are Saying About Us

Ginpei, Web Developer, RespectiveAds.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank to Frog Creator Production Inc, sincerely for all you have done for me.

Frog Creator Production was very supportive and helpful during the whole process including supporting Visa & logistics, adjusting resume & preparing for interviews (phone interviews, face-to-face interviews), supplying and arranging my interview, and enrolling process with my new job in Canada.
They were very efficient and effective in communicating with the company and me. In addition to the great services, they also helped me to form wider network of connection with local engineers.

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